Creative Portfolio

Logo Design

Logo design is not just about a design for the brand. It is the brand in itself. Compact and very concentrated this most popular approach in fitting the entire brand philosophy into the logo is no child’s play. The fusion of what the brand stands for and what it endorses; that’s what we put together in the logo.

Brochure Design

While the logo puts your brand in one design format; you still need to explain many aspects of your brand/organization and that’s where the brochure plays a pivotal role. Brainwaves creates all kinds of brochures with different fold styles like Bi-fold, Tri-fold, Z-fold and booklet format.

Marketing Helpers

Brainwaves create communicative and concise designs on flyers, hangers, posters, hoardings, display boards, etc. for maximum effectiveness.  One of the most popular marketing collateral that’s used even today is the flyer. It is easy to read and also allows the brand/organization to get maximum attention. Added to it, it is least expensive type of marketing method used.