We create almost everything related to design, identity, marketing strategies and promotions. Be it print or digital media, you get the best rates combined with good design at Brainwaves.


No matter how much the world goes ahead digitally, we always want something in hand to feel closer to the brand. That’s why print designs are an integral part of our studio’s work.

Get Brainwaves to do your work and you’ll see for yourself why we are a regular with our clients. We specialize in the following:

Logo Design

Logo design is not just about a design for the brand. It is the brand in itself. Compact and very concentrated this most popular approach in fitting the entire brand philosophy into the logo is no child’s play. The fusion of what the brand stands for and what it endorses; that’s what we put together in the logo.

Brochure Design

While the logo puts your brand in one design format; you still need to explain many aspects of your brand/organization and that’s where the brochure plays a pivotal role. Brainwaves creates all kinds of brochures with different fold styles like Bi-fold, Tri-fold, Z-fold and booklet format.

Marketing Helpers

Brainwaves create communicative and concise designs on flyers, hangers, posters, hoardings, display boards, etc. for maximum effectiveness.  One of the most popular marketing collateral that’s used even today is the flyer. It is easy to read and also allows the brand/organization to get maximum attention. Added to it, it is least expensive type of marketing method used.

Digital Media

Over the years, Brainwaves, has carved a niche for itself through a thoughtfully planned digital identity for clients. At Brainwaves you get the benefit of overall online design which is a great mix of creativeness, balance, color, harmony and focus on target. We focus especially on website design, social media engagement and also emailer design. We specialize in the following:

Website Design

This consists of all the elements that are required for the website to be launched. The design, the development, the IT services and also the creative component. All these aspects are taken care of in the website design.

Digital Marketing

We specialize in careful online branding and customer engagement through posts on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,  Wordpress Blog, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Audio-Visual Designs

Our good focus on the story board and content along with design makes it perfect for you. TVCs also make up our presentation framework exciting medium. Through realtime videos, graphics and animations we shape up the presentations to perfection

Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentations are ideal for sharing information about your organization digitally. Not only does it draw attend to your brand but also makes is all the more realistic for your clients to realize the dynamics of your organization. Brainwaves makes it possible for your organization to make an impact on your prospective clients effectively.

TV-Theatre Advertisement

Brainwaves creates perfect combination of design and technology to create graphics that are in tune with the TV Theatre and also in LDC technology. Not only that, we also design the advertisement with crisp and short conceptual idea so that the viewers are able to grasp everything about the brand within limited timeframe.