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If you wish to achieve your company’s success and appear in the first results of Google, it is important to work on SEO optimization. We at BRAINWAVES are working as an seo company in India, use all SEO factors to our advantage to create the most successful ranking strategies on Google and other search engines.

  • Better Reach & Visibility
  • Superior Agility for Product & Management
  • Proactive Strategizing as per Market Trends
  • Improved Feedback on the success vision

Better Reach & Visibility

Superior Agility for Product & Management

Proactive Strategizing as per Market Trends

Improved Feedback on the success vision


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    "We would like to thank Brainwaves for an amazing design for our Logo and packaging. Jhanvi has been really very creative in terms of understanding our products and relevant design requirements Most importantly very quick responses and quality of work done by her and her team. Would like to highly recommend her for any design and creative work required."

    Ila Patel, Australia

    "Working with Ms. Jahnavi was an extremely pleasant experience. She’s extremely polite, modest in her behavior and ready to take corrections/suggestions/instructions immediately which is the key of success of any business. Brainwaves takes up assigned work quickly and makes sure that it’s done in right time. Also, they didn’t just design the website as per my instructions, but took the pain to make it more attractive by suggesting more options which resulted in a wonderful website at par with International standards"

    Paryant Singh Rathore

    "We are really satisfied by the integrity and loyalty of brain waves."



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    engagement & traffic

    As they do Google search, users will rely more on organic results (SEO) that appear in the top position. On the first page, you show the user that your business is what they are looking for.

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    We can increase your website’s visibility and attract quality traffic who are genuinely interested in your product or service by ranking keywords that are suitable for your project.

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    Very advantageous

    After the initial phase where it takes time to get results in search engines, SEO allows any project in continuous basis to rank itself through stable and sustainable investment constantly.

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    Your projects can start appearing higher in Google rankings for keywords with high competition and search volumes, thanks to SEO.

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    A SEO agency will help you improve website traffic, attract qualified leads, build customer loyalty and, above all, increase your sales opportunities.

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    Do you know your competitors well?  SEO company will help you perform a comprehensive competitive analysis to determine which strategies are working and which are not. This way, we can determine new search engine optimization opportunities for your site.

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    New trends

    Working alongside SEO positioning professionals allows you to keep your website tuned to new market trends. In addition, we will adjust your SEO strategy based on Google algorithm updates.

    Do you need visibility on the Internet? Look no further. Connect with us to meet your SEO needs. You are just one click away from reaching the top of Google!

    Brainwaves SEO services helps

    in increasing your website traffic and organic conversions

    Our SEO services optimizes your website, thereby improving your organic search engine rankings and, consequently, as a result increase sales and website conversions.

    Technical SEO experts

    The high ranking of a web page not only depends upon the optimisation done and number of clicks, often there can be a technical glitch in the background which might prevent the page behave in a specific manner. We, at Brainwaves perform a technical audit of your web page to understand the issue completely and recommend changes in order to make SEO successful for you.

    Enhanced Keyword Strategies

    Keywords, as the name suggests are the keys to unlock full potential of the world wide web. When a user searches the internet for words, the Appropriate keywords in a page get tagged and make the page come up in a result. This can be perfected with the right strategies and which are made considering your type of business, target audience, competition and market trends.

    SEO link building

    We all know how the world has been digitalized today, but it all started from binary language. Similarly, SEO works based in small building blocks which are basic links but overall help the page reach its optimised higher ranking. Brainwaves helps your page start from the beginning for a higher rank and a strong base.

    Tracking specific goals

    SEO is not just reaching at the top of search results, but being there for a longer time and that requires setting up various goals based on your products and marketing needs. Brainwaves travkes these goals and regulates the workflow so that your page results in maximum viewership

    Why rely on BRAINWAVES SEO Agency?

    We will put all our professionalism, transparency and more than ten years of experience in online projects at your service, with personalized strategies that suits your business SEO requirements. SEO experts, designers, content creators and assistants all work together, sharing benefits and responsibilities in a common goal: to digitize our clients and achieve top positions in search results.


    We have the experience and knowledge to understand how search engines work to develop effective SEO strategies.


    For SEO agencies, demand is significant for transparency and clarity, especially regarding the strategies and tactics to follow, the dedication required, and the expected results.

    Tailored SEO strategy

    Designing a specific and clear strategy resulting in an effective SEO process that incorporates ideal practices for every need.

    Minute Attention

    Every minor factor counts in SEO, and we make sure that every factor is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

    Brand visibility

    We help your company create a positive brand image through obtaining favorable SEO rankings which enhances your brand's online presence and awareness among your target audience.

    Cocreating Success

    A collaborative approach to identify your digital marketing goals. Analyzing your website for detailed information on search performance.

    Looking to get best roi from your website ? Connect with best seo company in india


    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This online marketing discipline includes three pillars consisting of the techniques and actions needed to increase the ranking of a website and get more traffic thanks to its increased visibility. For example, improving your SEO on Google will equate to achieving a top position in search.

    What is SEO made of?

    The most important SEO pillar consists of:

    • Having a sound technical website and be readable for search engines.
    • Have relevant content and related keywords that serves your business goals.
    • Have a strong brand digital footprint, gain links, and mentions in media such as blogs, magazines or newspapers.
    Why is SEO important?
    • SEO is essential because it is the search engines’ way to determine which websites will rank highly for their platform’s search queries.
    • Modern SEO algorithms and analytics make it very difficult to manipulate or incorrectly modify search results. This is why a good SEO process should be carried out by a professional SEO company from time to time.
    • With modern SEO methods, sites rank higher because they deserve a place in the search results. So, when you see a site consistently ranking high with a particular query, the visit to that site offers quality service and intuitiveness. SEO is based on the credibility of the website content, products or business in general. This is because of the trust billions of search engine users have in search engines.
    • If your website is in the first place or on the first page of search results, it encompasses that you have been tested and trusted to provide queries made. This increases web traffic to your site and, in turn, increases your rankings. SEO (when done right) is an excellent alternative to paid advertising and other aggressive marketing techniques. In the long run, and on a very tight budget, SEO is less expensive and will give more consistent results in the future.
    When do the results start showing with SEO?

    SEO is an integral part of a business strategy. It usually takes several months to see results. Results are obtained in approximately 6 to 12 months. To start with SEO, you need to know that SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It takes some time, but you will advance well with your SEO plan if you follow these steps.

      • Make your website as user-friendly as possible: The easier your website is to use, the easier it will be for Google and other search engines to rate your website. Ease of use involves navigation, page location, content layout, correct links, mobile site customization, and page loading speed. You can get better SEO rankings if this is set and adjusted to provide the best user experience.
      • Create a fabulous social media presence: Search engine algorithms also considers social media to rank search results. The lack of such accounts results in lower ranks in search results. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are highly recommended for businesses. A Google My Business account will also help you rank well in searches. Recently, potential customers or users have also been using social media as a tool to verify business legitimacy.
      • Prioritize off-page SEO: You will have a higher SEO ranking if you have high-quality content backlinks on your website or if your website is linked to other high authority websites. As a recognized source of information or products, search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. rewards back by making your websites more visible for relevant searches.
    Why do Indian companies need SEO?

    With the business boom, India’s online landscape has indeed become competitive. Regardless of their stature, SEO earns reward for businesses through:

      • Traffic increase
      • Major business expansion
      • Effectively reaching your target audience
      • Improved online visibility
      • Brand enhancement
    Importance of SEO for every business

    You may feel that you don’t need SEO because you are already at the top of the search engines or have almost no online competition, but you’re mistaken. Whether brand-new or aged, struggling or thriving, big or small, you need SEO regardless of the situation or circumstances of your business. Your industry is not the limit. Whatever your industry, SEO is beneficial to you as long as you are online. SEO is one of the factors in your online business that you can control. With these controls, you can influence web traffic, sales and ultimately maximize your profits. When devoting in your website’s SEO, you also gain website’s visibility and thus increased access to your business. This ultimately translates to increased profit.

    What are the benefits of a SEO strategy?

    The benefit of building an SEO strategy in the hands of experts is to increase the organic positioning in search engines in a practical way, oriented to the specific needs of a website or business. As a result, by attracting the right audience through Google, we will improve conversion from organic channels.

    Can SEO Generate More Website Traffic Than Social Media Marketing?

    While these two marketing strategies end up getting you quality visitors to your website, you can’t say that one is better than the other. SEO Marketing is all about optimizing your website for the Google search engine. Your search ranking determines how much traffic you are likely to get. Social media marketing is all about building a loyal follower base. You can interact with your customers and prospects in real-time and build strong relationships with both.

    How do I know if my SEO strategy is working?

    Simply put, we can assume that a SEO strategy is effective when there is increased website visibility in the search engines such as google. Higher indexing, better ranking, and more earned backlinks will positively impact organic traffic, i.e., visitors who access our website through Google results.

    How to measure SEO results?

    In SEO audits, we measure improvements in website’s SEO factors and the number of indexed pages. In keyword analysis, on-page optimization and link building, we measure the increase in new positions keywords and traffic to pages that are optimized for those keywords.

    What do Brainwaves offer me as a SEO agency?

    Verifiable and conclusive results back SEO services offered by us which further aids in optimizing your website performance in search engines. Businesses that have trusted our SEO agency services are the ones who can prove the best what we can and want to do for your business SEO. That’s why we believe that our proven strategic experience, efficiency, and commitment to the success of those who entrust us with their website make us rank among the top SEO companies in India or at least Ahmedabad.

    What makes our service different from other services? Provider?

    Brainwaves is a digital marketing and web development company based in Ahmadabad, India. What makes us the best SEO service provider in Ahmedabad is our highly skilled team, whose main goal is to give our clients a voice and help them grow their business. Our SEO team uses a unique set of strategies to help your website rank higher in the search engines. We strive to keep abreast of the latest changes in search engine algorithms and implement new technologies to rank your website.

    For perfect SEO, we also helps to create website. You can ask us to complete website makeover or starting from scratch. Great websites aren’t just about what we create, but how we create! Brainwaves – a best web design company in India will help you to raise by creating an online experience that matches expectations to generate greater brand engagement, drive higher conversions and measurable results.

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