Choosing the most suitable digital marketing services in Ahmedabad

The digital marketing agency needs to adjust to new advances in the community and how it is moving towards the digitalization of companies, goods, and services. And because you own the business, products or services, we want to make you understand when, how, where and why choosing the most suitable digital marketing services in Ahmedabad is the best way to grow your business exponentially without breaking your pocket.

The best digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad are those that are tailor-made, thoroughly efficient and able to meet customer needs through favourable expenses. Putting it differently, you do not require to spend more money on achieving better results or more profit. The key is to correctly identify the target audience and its versatility in the digital marketing plan. At Brainwaves, we believe that the goal and objective of the brand is everything. Therefore, our digital plans are always centered on the target viewers. Hence, while creating content such as blogs or pages, social content planning, seo and other advertising campaigns, we make sure to build those assignments according to the company’s goal query thus ensuring optimum result in the end.

Before choosing an online marketing services in Ahmedabad, one of the factors to consider is to make certain that the office has all the vital areas required to execute the entire digital project. By this, we imply that it has graphic design, web design, logo creation and branding facilities, SEO as well as advertising departments.

Digital Marketing Agency Services Offered

These digital marketing agencies possess a team of graphic designers, web developers, and digital advertising specialists responsible for building and executing strategies in the digital field. Knowledge is the first step in adopting any strategy. Hence, the first thing in any marketing and advertising services in Ahmedabad should be to understand all the existing online marketing obstacles of the customer.

  • After digital consultation, the Digital Marketing Studio of Ahmedabad must strategically outline all features of the project, including the necessary means, advertising, and actions executed through a schedule and providing estimates.
  • After an initial discussion and looking for implementation tactics, the next action is to strengthen their website. As a marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we will develop your company’s website using CMS, which best suits your profile. Most importantly, we will optimize your website with the necessary SEO to get your website to the top in rankings.
  • SEO optimization is a digital marketing technique. After digital consulting, it will determine the best content, keywords, link building, and a plethora of other SEO factors that impacts your website in terms of google search engine.
  • Content Marketing is considered the first thing to watch out for your website. Therefore, as one of the most dedicated digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we will implement our strategy through two-way communication, offering online users with the content they want to see.

Online Advertisement Key Indicators

Every marketing agency in Ahmedabad must serve a digital advertising service that blends advertising into Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. After executing this procedure, it will be performed in the most suitable way, and with the highest conversion efficiency. In the digital marketing world, analytics is one of the most important areas because it allows us to calculate what we are doing well or wrongly through numbers and indicators and even help to predict our advertising campaigns in the future. Therefore, analysis demands intensive study, which requires a lot of time and resources.

To make it simpler for you to figure out the digital framework, we will explain the three essential indicators of digital marketing, the connection between them, and how they can help you measure the success rate in various digital assignments.

Digital Marketing Performance Indicators

In every stage, some strategies or actions have more value than others when doing marketing activities. The following traffic attraction indicators allow you to test the success of your digital strategy:

  1. Impression: If you want to impress your viewers in an online world, you must present your marketing message on the user’s screen. In your strategy, it should be very obvious how to capture your audience’s attention. An impression will be added whenever your ad or content appears on a user’s screen, whether they read it or not. You have to do few things to ensure that they end up reading it. Firstly, place it where they can notice, and secondly, make it eye-catching enough to attract people.
  2. Clicks: The second indicator is more straightforward to follow because they are clicks on the links contained in your advertisements or organic content. Overall, your text will have a significant impact on the user’s ability to perform that action. The more impressions you get, the more clicks you receive.
  3. CTR: The ratio (impression) between the number of an advertisement or content and the number of clicks you receive can be measured by click through rate (CTR). The larger the value, more the users click. For improving CTR, your ads and contents must be attractive and include a (CTA) call-to-action that directs users to your objective.
  4. Conversions: The final indicator is conversion which are of many kinds. Our digital strategy intent can help determine them, i.e. if we sell a service, we want to get in touch or gain potential customers through leads. If we have an online store, our intention is most likely to generate a sell. And so conversions are counted based upon our set objective. Conversions also have metrics that compare to the number of people who arrive at the landing page through advertisements or other means, who eventually perform the conversion operation. This metric is called “conversion rate”, and its prediction process is similar to click-through rate.

These are the few indicators that digital marketing experts in Ahmedabad associate themselves with and measure every day when implementing effective digital strategy. Only in this approach, with the help of data, our knowledge and instinct, can we support our customers to accomplish their goals in the online world and achieve a massive gain for their online endeavours.

Online Marketing Services in Ahmedabad

Are you looking for a digital marketing studio in Ahmedabad? Do you own a website or business and aspire to see yourself expanding through the mode of online channels? At Brainwaves, the best digtal marketing agency you can discover graphic design solutions, digital marketing services, website design, corporate logo and branding solutions, social media advertising and SEO services. Among the projects we perform, we are considered as one of the most valuable and productive online marketing & advertisement agencies. Besides, we also hold extensive experience in developing digital game plans and monthly advertising campaigns for various customers.

Hire Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad:

Our digital marketing agency implements and conduct digital schemes for gaining your website rankings on SERPS. In such a way, we combine and integrate organic rankings, along with digital advertising arrangements in our offerings. The former refers to search engine optimization, which involves adjusting the keywords on the page in each query to supersede each page of the website in the first result. Another type is SEM (Search engine marketing), which involves placing oneself in the first result of paid digital advertising through continuous optimization of each click or impression and budget by selecting suitable keywords, ads, and bids. In short, site ranking is an important factor in increasing traffic and website visits.  If you are in the lookout of such services, please contact us here at Brainwaves.

Find out more about packaging design services and its benefits here.

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Benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing

With the changing times, there has been radical changes in the marketing strategies and even marketing platforms. Ads which used to appear on newspapers and big hoardings has gone from traditional marketing to the world of digital marketing on the internet.

Nowadays, internet has the bigger reach than any other modes of publicity and hence a dire need of digital marketing has arrived. But what are the advantages of digital marketing services over traditional marketing? Has the digital advertising changed the trends or even the very principals of  brand marketing?? Is internet marketing taking over traditional marketing??? We will ponder upon these questions and conclude with tips and results!

So let’s begin with the advantages digital media marketing has brought in…

  • Reduced Cost – Newspapers, television ads, prime billboard locations, all have a very steep price. On the other hand, digital marketing is very much affordable and is easily in reach of the start-ups and small entrepreneurs for their effective business advertising & marketing needs.
  • Real Time Result – While tv ads and newspapers took time to post/telecast the required content and even more time was taken to make an impact on the target, digital marketing campaigns has lightning fast results. And with quicker results comes quicker response time from the businesses.
  • Brand Development – Digital Marketing can promote a greater brand image thanks to unlimited advertising space, private content and significant reach.
  • Non-Intrusive – Digital marketing techniques are generally done with consent of the target and is seldom annoying, except for the pop-ups, hence the ones finding a specific product or service are more probable to spend their time and attention on the ad.
  • Higher Exposure – Well, internet is for the global village and digital marketing and advertisement gives you most widely used platform in one go!
  • Higher Engagement – Digital Marketing allows you to get interactive with the targets and learn more about the requirement and market trends.
  • Quicker Publicity – Better reach + faster time = Quick Publicity. Simple math.
  • Fair to All – This is rather one important aspect in the marketing field. Traditionally, a big corporation can run out smaller competitors just based on aggressive or prime marketing with help of huge finances and bigger manpower. Whereas, digitally the playing field is level for all irrespective of costs and manpower resources.
  • Easy Analytics – There are several online tools available which help you calculate the results of your marketing strategies like inbound traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profits and much more. A big edge over the traditional ones.
  • Strategy Refinement – Quick results and easy analysis helps you finetune the strategies from good to better & better to best and see what is working for you before letting it out of control.

With advantages like these, digital marketing services clearly hold the upper hand over the traditional marketing tactics, but are these strong enough to usher in new trends?? Let’s find out!

The real reason of such boom in the web marketing industry is because the Internet is becoming one of the most used tools. More and more people, particularly the latest generations or millennials are logging into the web to carry out the day to day activities like purchasing, services, entertainment, education and even businesses. It is estimated that over half of the world’s population is on Facebook! To put it into perspective, a general ad on the Facebook might be able to cater around 3 Billion views!! Imagine that!!

Now we have established the scale, lets go into the finances. Facebook for example has the least cost per impression. Even when we calculate the average of costs being charged by online marketing ad services like WordPress, Google or Facebook it comes to a meagre less than Re. 1 per impression. Compare that with any of the magazine like vogue or cosmopolitan it goes up to around Rs. 83 per impression. That is huge. Apart from cost one more benefit is the huge data banks of online Ad Space providers, they are able to provide you more than geographical and demographic areas, they can tell what album a person likes, what is the favourite animal and what problem they faced when they went to the foreign trip last year. This increases the matching level of your target and brings in more and more views.

Although the purists may cry out that ads on Facebook does not bring traffic. Yes, might be true, but for that there is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. It is that magic wand which makes your ad fly – higher up the google pages. It is estimated that around 93% of web experiences start with a search and among those, 90% of that from Google. Now just think the traffic you can get when your pages comes on top of Google search.

Another latest trend brought in by Digital marketing is inbounding. That is, you do not have to go out to the customers, rather bring the customers to you. This expands the physical boundaries infinitely while reducing on the costs. The idea is to gain exposure, the more people know about your pages, the more will be interested in your services or products.

Given the advancement in technology there is no denying the fact that Digital Marketing is taking over the traditional marketing techniques. It can help a small business generate qualified leads without putting a dent in the wallet. Still, lets crunch some numbers to better understand that the era of Digital Marketing is here.

  • 60% – No. of business all over the world across various industries who have already shifted towards digital marketing.
  • 80% – Shoppers/Consumers who do their research online before buying/investing in a product or service.
  • 57% – Penetration of digital marketing in 4.38 Billion internet users in the world.
  • 94% – B2B marketers already using LinkedIn and such sites for marketing plan and purposes.
  • 70% – of total ad spend has been for mobile users in 2019.
  • 90% – B2C businesses reports that social media is the most effective tool for their marketing tactics.
  • -12.5% – Total Traditional media Ad bookings in the USA from 2018 to 2023 has decreased from 114.84 billion USD to 100.48 Billion USD.
  • +185.77% – Total Digital media Ad Bookings in the USA from 2018 to 2023 has increased from 108.64 billion USD to 201.83 billion USD.

Hence it is clear that with Digital Marketing technology, there is a whole lot of potential to be harnessed and slingshot our businesses to new horizons.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is catalyst for your business

Brainwaves - Digital marketing company in India

In the era, of entrepreneurs and start-ups, and with so many options available in the market for any single product or service. Is like, when demand is more and supply is also more. Main concern comes in our mind is how to do marketing?

Now marketing owns different space which can be termed as “Digital Marketing”. Whenever it is about the internet and digital marketing. It is a combination of social media, search engines, email and most important is a website.

The intention of this blog is to show some ideas that can make your business/product/service public. Make use of most powerful equipment known as “Internet”.

Showcase your business: Showcase your talent in front of people whom you know, people you are around you is very essential. Oozing publicity from people surrounding you can be very much helpful, to get some clients for your business.

Error and Trial: Indulge your product/service/business amongst some of your friends and family to use your product/service. You can get a chance to have immediate feedback from them and after that decide whether you can keep this product/service in the marketplace.

Introducing first your product/service on FB: It is actually very advisable to introduce first your business/service on FB. This can help out your client/fans to check updates, check your product/service, can learn more about your product, can read reviews and feedback. This all elements make a marketing strategy a very strong platform.

Innovative business cards: Irrespective what is your image on social media, but still go for the business card. And not only a simple business card. Also, have a creative business card too.

Make interesting Customer referrals: Try to create amazing and attractive customer referral programs for your customers. Your current customers can actually very much helpful for you to multiple new customers towards your business/services.

Content recycling: Don’t ever stick with the only type of content. Every time post new content which is meaningful and pitches in your target audience minds.

Infographics are best: Infographics means in simple words, information with graphics. Interesting, isn’t? Well, make infographics related to your services and product. Show your product idea in some innovative way or show some had core statistics about your service you provide. Actually, this can make a very strong impression on your customer mind. They consider you as the best option to go for

Become a social networking wizard: Show your own involvement in social media activities, no matter if you have agency for this. But, still indulge more and more your contribution in social networking. It can be anything like posting something related to your product/service, product launch, discount offers.

With these, your customer can get a chance to know you and also in return you keep a watch on the marketing strategies going on in the market.


Videos marketing: Video marketing is very effective way for digital marketing. Make such videos which talks about your product/service.

Create related content; make use of clear communication and most important use crisp content.

So these were some useful ideas that can use for digital marketing. Brainwaves are one of the wise choices to meet your needs about digital marketing. The studio which is working with these ideas and concepts. Also, they can create your website from concept to end result, can make your website SEO optimized using various SEO strategy and also work for your Digital marketing.

digital marketing

What should be an ideal Digital Marketing Strategy?

Brainwaves - a professional digital marketing company

Is this strategy required at all?

The big hurdle in conceiving a digital marketing strategy today is where to begin? It is very challenging today to gain the attention of your brand as everyone is fighting to have their space in the digital pie. The problem is that under lack of proper understanding about the digital media brands fail to get the desired visibility.

Why and When do I need it?

1. You have no idea in which direction you are heading to
Many companies do not have clarity or concrete goals on whether to add new customers or retain the existing customers for their brands.

2. Lack of knowledge about the online audience and market share
A difficulty arises when you do not have an estimation of the demand for online services and hence you underestimate the market size when there is no proper research done.

3. When other players start eating from your pie
This happens when you do not allocate desired resources and when you have a random approach in implementing the digital strategy.

4. Unattractive Online Value Offer
You do not have a well thought and conceived online value proposition to offer.

5. You don’t have any clues about your customers want
You do not know what your online proposition lacks or what the customers want and when you do not use other customer feedback tools on your website.

6. Improper use of digital media/inadequate budget allocation & Duplication
You do not get desired results when you rely solely on digital media and neglect other traditional media. and duplication of using tools in the same company for various brands has to be avoided.

7. Not tuning with the times
The worst situation is when you do not catch up with the new dynamics and rely on outdated tools and strategy to get results.


So now we know what could be the pitfalls or flaws while implementing digital marketing strategy.

However, we at Brainwaves are sensible, experienced and equipped with a team of experts to diminish the above problems and are always eager to conceptualize and implement digital marketing strategy for our esteemed clients.

Do contact us for effective and result oriented Digital Marketing as well as your other graphics and web design solutions.


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