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Logo Design For Startups: Building A Strong Identity From Scratch

The idea stage of starting up looks easy but the real catwalk begins when you try and implement your ideas. It’s like walking on eggshells and we understand that. We have also been through that phase and no matter how much prepared you are, you are never prepared enough. It is like birthing a baby (and birthing an idea) into executive reality isn’t easy. But one area is assuredly great from the beginning if you have your identity and brand design clear and catchy.

logo design for startups

When thinking of the brand identity of a startup that’s logically speaking just starting up, the important points one must consider are –

What does the brand want to do?

Why does the brand want to connect with the said target audience?

Who are the people who can bring the spotlight to the brand?

Where can the brand stand out?

It makes brand sense if you have your ‘brand’ thought out as a person!

Brands have personas and this is how the entire gamut of content, design, and marketing comes into play to ensure that the identity of the brand develops and is maintained for a long time. Brands that keep their identity ongoing in the play of strategy and campaign do exceedingly well. So as a startup when you think of your brand identity, have a candid conversation with your designer too!

Building a strong identity requires candid conversations that put you and your designer on the same page.

Let’s start with the first brand identity that you as a startup founder will have to tackle with care, consideration and priority. It is the logo! A logo is a concise presentation of your brand. It holds within it all that your brand is trying to convey. Hence it is important to keep certain things in mind.

Key Aspects of Logo Design for startups

As a startup founder or CEO, you must keep the following points in mind while communicating with your designer for your brand identity.


See it Simple:

Simplicity is the best way to keep your brand alive. All startup brands that are now major businesses have kept it simple. Apple logo is one such example.


Make it Memorable:

The most memorable logos are the ones that are not only simple but distinct too in their presentation and hence memorable ie. easy to remember. Mcdonald’s logo with sunshine/golden arc is simple yet memorably attractive.


Rate its Relevance:

Logos must be relevant to what the brand needs to convey. This includes brand values, brand message and also the persona aspects in terms of emotional response from the customers.


Vouch for its Versatility:

Ensure that your logo can be easy to locate or see from any medium ie. digital or print and across various sizes. Try and get a look at it on various media before you finalise. Options must be there for you to make a final decision.


Time it for Timelessness:

Visualize that your logo has to be timeless. Keep it away from trending fonts or ideas and ensure that it feels ageless.


Score its Scalability:

Is the logo designed in a way that it can be scalable? Will it work on all kinds of size ratios? Will it work despite profits and the upscaling of the brand? If the answer is yes then you have a perfect logo that works for you.


Catch the Consistency:

Is the logo design and font consistent with the brand’s persona and identity which will be created further? Does it connect with all platforms? These questions should get your logo trimmed to consistent proportions.


You have to be Unique:

Everyone wants to be unique and that’s how one can be distinct from the others. This ensures that confusion with any other brand isn’t there. Checking out the uniqueness of a logo with a little research before creating it is extremely beneficial.


Ace the Appropriateness:

The demographics of the primary as well as the secondary target audience that the brand will cater to will also have to be kept in mind while creating the logo. One cannot create a funky neon colour logo for a company that deals with adult diapers. It has to be appropriate to whom the brand is trying to connect with and also the persona and the values enshrined.


Agile and Adaptability:

Brainwaves Team takes into consideration all these aspects when designing a logo. For startups, it is important to effectively bind all the aspects into a winning logo so that you are not given the excuse to change it too soon. What’s more? Professional logos go a long way than those done on Canva and we vouch for the long term benefits of a professionally created one. Want to know more? Connect with us today!

A logo is not just a design. It has to have within itself the ability and agility to adapt to different times or generations. The colors chosen, the font taken into consideration and the usage matters so that it is maximally effective.

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