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Digital Marketing Ahmedabad India


Strategic planning is required for any digital marketing agencies to be successful. Today, all businesses & companies in Ahmedabad need attention and sales. There are usually two types of marketing plans for any business solutions, one is long term, and the second is for a short period. However, in general, most companies focus on short-term projects and ignores the responses to their future goals and marketing strategies. Therefore, if your business does not have any experience or strategic plans for a long-term digital marketing campaign, then it is recommended to appoint Brainwaves India to develop digital marketing strategies for your long-term commercial solutions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best source of organic traffic because you get unlimited clicks without spending advertising. Our advanced seo strategy will take your site to a high ranking in search results. At the end of each month, we will provide a full ranking report and index page information.

SEO plays an essential role in digital marketing. We provide high quality full service digital advertising solutions & web designing services at an affordable rate to our valued clients. We stay at the forefront of the latest technological advancement offering bespoke seo services as we follow the latest algorithms and guidelines from major search engines like Google. As a result, we ensure that your SEO/PPC concerns are addressed in the best possible manner through our seo experts.


Our team of social media experts will assist you in advancing your business by generating active leads and sales through engaging posts, shareable contents and integrating your social media with other online marketing channels, thus making sure that you stand out from your competitors.

Our social media marketing strategy is also in line with your brand and your audience because each brand has a different story to share. You will get full support for social media management, content creation, lead generation and creative advertising to attract new customers and increase your online sales.

Social media is our signature digital marketing service because we have found the highest return on investment for the social media marketing campaign.

How can Brainwaves help your business through social media marketing?

  • Improve your brand reputation.
  • Increase traffic through creative and frequent social media content.
  • Helps improving search engine ranking.
  • Cost-effective solution and higher conversion rates.
  • Social Media Ads Management on your behalf.
  • Social Media Analytics.

PPC services/Google Adwords in Ahmedabad

Whenever someone clicks on their website, these companies will be charged by Google for clicks, so they are called “pay per click.” One of the main reasons why pay-per-click is considered to be so good is because users searching on Google are already looking for a solution.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most popular and effective forms of online advertising today. In addition to being simple to use, it provides marketers with many advantages to make their work more comfortable and to deliver results. The strategy behind our search engine markeing is to guide the user’s website where you can engage users through engaging content creation and responsive calls-to-action. Brainwaves are focused on developing the strategy of Google AdWords campaigns such as

  • Search campaigns
  • Display Campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Video campaigns
  • App campaigns
  • Youtube campaigns


Email marketing gives you the best return on your investment because an email can quickly turn customers into sales. You can use email to reach your customers and tell them about your company’s latest promotions and news. Email marketing is the key to successful digital marketing campaigns, especially long-term relationships with customers and a higher return on investment (email marketing is much cheaper than paid advertising). It is is a great way to attract a large number of customers in a short time. Emails will deliver more traffic to your website and generate more sales. Whether they offer any products or services, any business can use email marketing. It helps both large and small businesses.

Email marketing is an outstanding opportunity to communicate with customers. It is an effective way of analyzing your marketing tools so that you know where you are working and what areas you need to continue to improve. Brainwaves is an email marketing company in Ahmedabad that provides this service at a reasonable price.

How can Brainwaves help businesses succeed in email marketing?

  • Managing email marketing campaigns
  • Email Template Design
  • Tracking & Reporting


Online reputation management services are used to increase the online visibility of your brand. Before making any significant purchase decision, people generally do a Google search to make sure they are shopping right. While positive and favorable search results will increase sales, any negative online search results can harm your company’s brand. This is where online reputation management works to provide a positive brand image and provide appropriate keyword content-driven strategies to reduce harmful content.

The first impression is very crucial. Your online reputation is just your reputation. In the digital age, information is readily available, and it can be easily shared on many online platforms with a positive or negative impact on your brand.

We provide a wide range of online reputation management services such as social reputation, online PR, comprehensive content filtering, and negative content removal. Our online marketers’ team provides you the expertise to help create a positive brand in the online world.


As one of the best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, we offer professional online marketing services to help online visitors and sales grow websites through various channels and platforms online. No matter what industry you’re in, your customers are searching for products and services online. We provide digital marketing services in search engine optimization , pay per click/AdWords, social media marketing, digital marketing strategy, mobile marketing, online reputation management, video marketing, email marketing, and the list goes on.

The big question is, will they find your business online? In the highly competitive online era, companies actively compete online with customers.

This is where our digital marketing company with years of experience behind their name enters and does what we know best by developing sophisticated online marketing strategies tailored to your business.


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Devang Shah

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Alpin Kanabar

"I would recommend organisation/individual personnel to connect with Brainwaves for their graphic designing work or building website or even for SEO. They are expert in this field and a complete 5 star rating on the delivery of the said product and quality. Their main USP is constant update to the client on the update of the project and even providing service after delivering the project. Kuddos to the team."

Pratik Malpani

Brain Waves, a creative studio, is a brain child of Ms. Jahnavi Chokshi who delivers aesthetic solutions to the customer's needs. Her work is simply outstanding and cost effective.

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