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Logo design company in India

A logo is worth a thousand words and ideas just like a picture. Brainwaves is one of the best logo design company in India, we have a better understanding of how important a brand logo can be for a brand’s success and provide excellent custom-made solutions made specifically just for your brand. We use our creative forces Along with our team of highly skilled graphic designers help you get your dream logo, which gives an insight into your brand’s personality.

logo design company in india

Why is a logo important?

A brand’s logo visually represents a business. The brand logo should align with the brand’s ideals. It helps the potential customer understand what the company stands for.

Grabs the customers attention.
Helps in making the first impression.
Basis of brand Identity.
Provides competitive advantage.
Reflects brand loyalty.
Audience is looking for it.
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Can be universally used

How can a best logo help your business?

Brand positioning

The logo is the very first point of interaction between the brand and its target audience. A brand’s logo is a key to a better brand positioning. The perception of the brand in the minds of the target audience creates a good or bad brand image. Along with the help of a professionally made logo, the image of the brand can be improved in the market. Your logo helps make the brand more approachable to the customer.

Customer engagement

According to the experts, the brand logo has a substantial hold when it comes to customer behavior and brand performance. An appropriately designed logo can help in brand recognition. As the logo can be found on the company’s website, business cards, products, and on the entryway as well, it becomes an important tool for communication. Brainwaves helps to convert the company’s mission into a visual icon.

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    ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT logo design


    A logo is a combination of texts and images that help us in recognizing a brand. The logo facilitates the customer in knowing what you do, who you are, and what are your ideals. Logo design can be defined as a perfect visual brand mark of a  company. A logo can consist of a symbol, brand mark, logotype, or even a tagline. A logo serves as the communicator between the company and the customer as it conveys information like the industry you belong to, the product or service you provide, the target demographic of your company, and also your brand values.


    A great logo should be simple, but striking at the same time. The customer should be able to recognize your company’s logo without a doubt.  There are two important ingredients needed while cooking up a design logo a great concept followed by great execution. The concept should resonate with its audience created after being executed. A well-designed logo is helps create a trustworthy environment for the customer.


    A professional and experienced design company should be hired to design a logo as you don’t want the wrong kind of attention on your company. An experienced graphic designer can help design a one-of-a-kind logo that works for your business. The logo plays a very important role in forming an image of the business in the market, by hiring a graphic design company, you can take advantage of all the research that they have done while working with many other businesses. A professional and experienced design company like Brainwaves knows what concept, colors and shapes work for what business.


    A professional logo design company can help you create a brand or also help in rebranding an existing company. A new brand logo can help create a new perception of the company in the target audience. A new logo can help bring irrelevant brands back on the relevancy wagon. Designing a logo for a brand is a very important responsibility, as the logo helps to identify the company to its customers as well as its investors.


    While making brand logo, templates should never be used, the logo is the portrait of the company so you don’t want it to look lazy. A logo for any company should be unique and should represent the company’s emotional perception, environment, and history as well. You may get templates in cheaper price but the same things could be used by some other company as well.

    Why choose Brainwaves?

    a Best logo design company in india

    Brainwaves can create the most unique and versatile logo which helps define your business. People make the mistake of ignoring all that a logo can do to create a brand image, most famous brands are recognized with their iconic logos worldwide. Brainwaves help design a logo with a concept and strategy of a professional, which results in a logo that creates a professional image of your brand.

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