Advantages and disadvantages of Social media

Social media is an instrumental tool when it comes to engaging with your target audience directly, as most of the world is already active on social media. Like everything, social media has both good and bad sides; some pros and cons of the top 6 social media platforms are listed below:

advantages of facebook:

Targets your audience

By using Facebook’s target ads, you are able to target your audience because of all the information that Facebook has about its users. The specific ads feature of Facebook is the best, and no other app comes close to it currently.

Large audience prospect

The users actively using Facebook are huge, so you can reach a large audience by using this tool correctly. Managing your business’s Facebook account should be a priority to enlarge your customer base.

Directly connect with your customer.

The primary advantage of having a successful Facebook account is being directly connected to your customer base because not every customer will visit your company. Still, through Facebook, you are able to reach them and strengthen your brand authority.

advantages and disadvantages of facebook

disadvantages of facebook:

It requires commitment

To have an active Facebook page requires commitment and dedication. Therefore it is best to hire professional help, which is not possible in the case of small companies.


At the current time, due to high demand, it has become more and more expensive to run ads on Facebook as compared to the past due to the increased popularity that it has garnered.

advantages of Instargram:


Instagram is one platform used by people most for its visual content. Producing photo or video content usually shot on your phone and posting it on Instagram will make your marketing successful; this makes the marketing process less expensive.

Increased brand awareness:

The ads posted on Instagram feel less like an ad as they are unobtrusive to the user, significantly increasing your brand awareness.

Brings traffic to your website:

As Instagram allows you to put clickable links on your promotion posts, it increases the traffic to your website, which helps boost your business’s credibility.

disadvantages of instagram:

Limited reach:

The majority of users active on Instagram are in the range of 18 to 29 years which is a pretty young demographic, whereas other platforms like Facebook have diverse kinds of users.

Time consuming:

To create profitable ads, it is necessary to keep up with the trends and produce visually creative ads. It is vital to interact with the customer base and to do so; it is necessary to monitor your page and keep updating fresh messages, which is time consuming.

Content is usually overlooked:

It isn’t easy to have a promoted post do well on Instagram, which has a heavy amount of text or written content. This platform focuses on visual creativity more than the content.

advantages of Pinterest:

Ideal for visual brands:

If your brand is more creative and designing focused, Pinterest is the ideal platform to showcase your brand as users on Pinterest usually explore and compare products.

Boosts SEO:

Pinterest allows getting extra space in the search results as boards are also ranked in search. This helps increase traffic to your website and boosts your search ranking.

Public boards:

The best part about Pinterest is that all the boards created there are public and can reach anyone’s interest even if they don’t follow your page, making it easier to reach a wide range of target audiences and expand your reach.

disadvantages of Pinterest: 

Requires more content:

To get enough attention to promote your brand on Pinterest, it is required to share more content, i.e., 5-20 pins posted per day will get your boards noticed, and creating all these pins require a massive time investment.


Difficult to automate:

Pinterest for Business feature allows a basic level of scheduling and tracking; it makes it difficult to schedule and post pins in advance.

advantages of Twitter:


Twitter is very resourceful when it comes to collecting helpful feedback directly from the customer. This gathered feedback helps you understand customer perspectives and create a better brand image.


It is free to set up an account on Twitter, so as long as your posts and interactions on your page are engaging and organic, promoting your brand on Twitter is less expensive as compared to other social media platforms.

Scheduled tweets:

Now it is possible for a business to schedule their tweets in advance to coordinate with new or current campaigns. This takes off the pressure and allows companies to plan their tweets.

disadvantages of Twitter:

Negative criticism:

Like everything, there is good advertisement and lousy advertisement. Customers can tweet or comment negatively on your brand, and that would impact your brand massively.

ROI can’t be measured:

It is challenging to track returns that have been gained via paid ads on Twitter.

advantages and disadvantages of social media

advantages of Youtube

Unlimited marketing possibilities:

Youtube gives the control of your channel in your hand and opens a world of marketing opportunities for promoting your brand. It helps you create full-blown commercials for content marketing in a completely new way.

Length of videos is not limited:

There is no particular limit provided related to the length or size of video uploaded on Youtube to promote your business. If the video uploaded is engaging, the views will increase and promote your business to a wide range of viewers.

disadvantages of youtube:

Lack of control:

Advertisers possess less to no control over what content their ads appear in; this puts your brand image at risk.

The skip button:

Advertisers face the dilemma of the skip button while promoting their brand on Youtube. If your advertisement fails to engage the viewer’s attention in less than 5 seconds, the target audience can skip your ad, and your paid promotion won’t yield as much return as expected.

advantages of Linkedin:


LinkedIn provides opportunities for you to do networking in your industry as it keeps you updated with any activities done by your network and allows you to be aware of the changes taking place to create effective marketing campaigns.

Made by and for professionals:

Having an active and successful LinkedIn account depicts your professionalism as this platform is made and operated by professionals.

disadvantages of Linkedin:


Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn requires an initial investment. The cost per click is also much higher, which makes it difficult for people with smaller businesses to take advantage of LinkedIn.

Uninterested users:

Many users on the app are just looking for jobs, and so many users are not interested in what you are promoting. It is necessary to choose the right target audience while designing a campaign.

In order to use social media to your advantage, it is advised to hire social media marketing agency to handle your pages, as they are aware of all the disadvantages and can use them to your advantage.

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