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Do startup only requires logo? THINK TWICE!!

Well, When we are starting a new business. Definitely, we are very much clear about our business model and we do ask a Logo designer to create a wonderful logo that suits our business.  We are very much clear that our logo must reflect our idea of our business and it must look attractive, isn’t it? If you have started your business a few years back, you are now recalling all those days!

Just have a re-look at your current logo. Does your logo still caters the same value as earlier?

Re-production: When your designer designing a logo for your company, They do take care of your vision and also about a reproduction of the same logo. As time passed by, you may realize that your logo is difficult in reproduction. At this point in time, You should rethink your logo, because you are going to run so many more years than you have already passed.

Audience: When your designer designed a logo, that may be a different era and different time. Re-look at your logo, Does your logo still target the same audience you wanted to? Just for an example, You wanted to start some services for old people. Old people in 90s did not have those facilities as many they have today. They have different problems nowadays than in the 90s.  Today you can start a class to learn to use Facebook for old people. They would love to do it. but after 30 years, Learn to use Facebook will not work. At that time, they will have different questions. Think about your target audience, Does your logo still impacting the same as earlier?

Trend: a Few years back, there might be a fashion of bellbottom and now it’s not in fashion. Take an example of Apple logo evolution. When they have started with the brand name ‘Apple‘, They came with very decorative logo with apple, tree and a man under the tree. Plus with a name of the company added with the logo. Gradually they removed a tree, company name, tree and a man under the tree. Just a bitten apple with colourful stripes was a brand icon in the 80’s.  As the years passed, they change themselves as per trend. They never moved from their focus. Now they learned the scenario and change their logo towards the simplicity – an apple with metallic colours.

The sleek, shiny and the minimalistic is the trend of today’s time.

Your brand is important for you as Apple is important for Tim Cook.

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