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Why do companies change their logo?

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A logo is a unique and the small symbols that are used for the representation of the company and as the taste changes with times, and thus the change for the logo occurs.

  • The sleek, shiny and the minimalistic is the trend of today’s time.

The Apple and eBay can prove itself as a good example.

There can be the wide range of reasons due to why the companies change their logo. Some of the best reasons can be the –

  • Time gap – The companies whose logos have been designed a few decades ago and what was fashionable at that time but maybe not now often comes up with the need for a new and fresh logo.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, divisions – a situation where the company gets acquired by the other company or there is a merger between the two, then in that situation, a new logo might be created. The new logo is created with the aim to provide the new start or say the fresh representation to the company and thus shows the combined identity of both. A new logo might even be created when a single company gets divided and another entity is being created with the new management. In this situation, both the companies might go for the change in their logo to avoid the confusion over the identities.
  • Change in the nature of business or ideology – a company might foray into the new services, products, offering’s, geographies and thus at this moment a company feel the need to change their logo, which signifies their new business or vision. The new logo will definitely work as a magic for the company.
  • Change in the name of the company – when a company changes its name, it also becomes important to change the logo according to the name especially if another logo has the company’s name in it.
  • Not unique or poorly visualized – it might be a time when the company is not able to pay proper attention, time and money to the perfect logo creation which ends up with the poorly designed logo that does not reflect their brand identity in the best way. Such companies often need to change their logo once they are clear about their growth and thus have a complete focus on the company.
  • Apple, shell, eBay are some of the best-known companies that change their logo and go for the minimal and simplicity.

I agree that the logo changing is never as easy as it seems because a single picture is consist of the thousand words, which signifies the complete company but don’t worry because here our organization assures you with the complete support in the establishment of the best logo.

Our organization’s main purpose is just to encourage the best-established companies to look at their logo and in the case, if it needs to redesign, then you can easily contact us. And trust us our organization would love to serve you with the best.

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