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Evolution is a key aspect of growth.  In case of redesigning your logo, the 3 most important question that arises is– when, why and how you should change your logo?

The foremost question deals with when you should change your logo?

A logo represents your brand and the more identifiable and attractive it is, the more popular your company gets.  There are some signs that notify the need for a change of logo –

  • New attire – who doesn’t like wearing new clothes, Same goes for your company a new logo will introduce the same products and services in a brand new way to gain new potential customers. For the success of this process, a well-known and established logo designer is essential.
  • A bad logo – some companies opt for logo designers that are beginners in this field to save their money. But remember only a good investment leads to returns. A professional help is better than reaching out to someone with a minimal experience.
  • Simplicity is the key – often in order to make our logo more appealing, we end up leading to a muddled design. A logo that has too many elements won’t be able to gather people.
  • Outdated logo – as the competition is on its verge, the need for up-gradation is a must. The logo should be modern to attract new customers.
  • Unable to attract customers – the main purpose of a logo is to attract more and more clients towards your product or service. An unappealing logo is the inability to attract prospective customers.

So look for the above signs, whether your logo needs redesigning or not?

The next question that arises is why you should change your logo?

There are various legitimate reasons to pull your current logo and switch it with a new version like-

  • If you are expanding your business or shifting to something new
  • The mission of your company has changed
  • To target a whole new set of audience
  • To stand out among the crowded field
  • To give modern look to your current logo
  • Keep it simple – as mentioned above, a simple logo is more attractive and appealing than the one with many elements. The logo should reflect the purpose of your company but with very little and iconic design.
  • And the last one, how you should change your logo?The ultimate procedure of logo retransformation should be done with the help of a professional. Some tips for getting an effective logo is –
  • Seek feedback on the new design – it is not compulsory that the updated version is capable of generating leads. Often we get it wrong, so it is always a good idea to test it outside for the ultimate approval.
  • Redesign or refresh – ask yourself first you want to simply refresh your current logo and give it a breath or want to fully redesign it. If you go with the option of refreshing, then your new logo should have much resemblance to the older one and while redesigning keep the main purpose of your change in mind.
  • Keep the effective elements – there are some elements from your old logo that are effective enough and can stay in your new version also to generate leads.

A long lasting logo will not only incorporate new dimensions to your company but will also build the trust of your customers towards your brand. Your own intuition will awake the need to redesign your logo and getting it right.

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