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SEO is a short word that stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or non-payment traffic from search engine results pages. In other words, SEO involves making some changes to your website design and content that makes your site more attractive for a search engine. You expect that the search engine will display your website as a top result on the search engine results page.

Although search engine optimization can be quite complex when it comes to all the different factors affecting your ranking, it is not difficult to understand the basic process. Search engines tries to provide the best information to users. This means giving results to search engine pages that are not only high quality but also relevant to the search for searchers.

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On-Page SEO Factors are the elements that are on your website. These are the things on which you have complete control, which means that you can work to improve these factors over time by following the best practices for SEO. It goes deeper to the HTML level of your site beyond marketing your content.

Here are some pages SEO factors that can help you improve your search ranking

  • Title tag – Title tag on every page tells search engines about what your page is about It should be 70 characters or less, which includes both keywords focused on your content and your business name.
  • Meta description – Meta description on your website tells search engines something else about each page. It is also used by your human visitors to better understand what a page is and if it is relevant. It should include your keyword and provide enough detail to tell the reader what the content is.
  • Sub-titles – Not only sub-headers make your content easy for visitors to read, but it can also help to improve your SEO. You can use H1, H2, and H3 tags to help you understand search engines better, what your content is.
  • Internal links – Creating internal links, or hyperlinks to other content on your site, can help search engines learn more about your site. For example, if you are writing a post about the value of a specific product or service, you can link to the product or service page in your blog post.
  • Image name and ALT tag – If you are using images on your website or within your blog content, you would also like to include the name of the image and your keyword or phrase in the alt tag. This will help search engines better index your images, which can be seen when users search for an image for a certain keyword or phrase.


In addition to the On-Page SEO Elements that control your organization, there are off-Page SEO Factors that can affect your ranking. Although you do not have direct control over these off-page factors, there are several ways to make these factors better for your chances of working in your favor.

  • Trust – Trust is becoming an increasingly important factor in Google’s ranking of the site. Thus Google determines whether you have a valid site or not, the visitor can trust the visitor. One of the best ways to improve trust is by making quality backlinks from those sites of authorization.
  • Link – One of the most popular ways of making off-page SEO is through backlinks. You want to be careful here because spamming sites with your links are a fast and easy way to ban your site from search engines. Rather, take time to build relationships with fans and fans creating influential content and link back to your site on your site.
  • Social – Another important off-Page SEO factor is social signals, like likes and shares. When it comes to promotion of SEO, you want to look for quality stocks from influencers. The more quality content you publish, the more people will be more likely to share your content with others.

After learning more about what SEO is and how it works, you can now work to improve your SEO and make changes to your site to boost your ranking on the search engine results page. Remember, there are many factors that affect your SEO ranking, but the most important thing to consider is whether your content is valuable and relevant to your target audience.

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