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The human brain works in miraculous ways. Whatever information we feed to it through our eyes, ears, nose or mouth, it creates a distinct memory of the same and keeps it fresh so that when it comes next, it can always identify it through that similar previous experience. The same analogy works for Logos. Logos are a representation of your entire business, including who you are, what you do and how do you affect the consumer?

Every Company or a start-up has their own sets of mission, vision, their values and their idea on how they want to do the business. It may be written or verbal, may be of one single line or an entire dialogue. However, it will be nearly impossible for the consumer to remember it and to understand it in that form. For the same, a Logo is used, which makes business, a Brand. For the consumer, it is a simple and efficient way to memorize what does the company stands for.

For example, you are driving through a highway and see a McDonald’s logo in the distance. At the first instant, our brain identifies a logo by just the shape and colours. It will see a red box, with yellow curves in it. After that, it will identify it as two gold arches or an “M”. Finally, it will identify it as the McDonald’s Eatery. Once identified, our brain fetches a previously associated experience and remembers that we eat Burgers at this place. At the same time, it will send you signals wherein you will be craving for burgers. All this happens as fast as you blink an eye.

A perfect logo does exactly the same, it evokes emotions and memories in our brains and keeps us attached to the brand. At Brainwaves, we create such perfect logos which will represent your ideas, your way to business and for the consumer, it will be a path to relate with your business forever.

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