YouTube tips, features and tricks you didn’t know you needed in 2021

Did you know that over 5 billion videos are watched by people worldwide in one single day? It receives traffic of 30 million visitors per day. Online video platforms are much more in use now than regular TV services. Research shows that by 2025, half of the viewers under 32 won’t subscribe to a standard TV service.

YouTube is the second most used platform in the world that receives the highest traffic. And that is not unbelievable, since most of us use YouTube for multiple purposes. They may be educational, entertainment, learning a new language or a skill, cooking videos, etc. there’s nothing we can’t find on YouTube. For utilizing the true potential of youtube discovery and search it is advised to keep the youtube optimization in mind as it helps in gaining the right user base that aligns with your goals and purposes.

Since we use it so much, it’s essential to know the platform much better. This will make it easy for us to operate. We have compiled a list to let you know about the lesser-known youtube tips, features and tricks to make your youtubing experience much more leisurely.

So let us dig into it.


Suppose you don’t wish to watch a part of the video; you can double-tap on the right side of the screen to skip the video 10 seconds ahead. Likewise, if you wish to watch a part again, you can double-tap on the left side of the screen to watch the part of the video again.

If you wish to skip or rewind more than 10 seconds of a video, you can double-tap multiple times. This will result in cutting a substantial portion. This setting can even be customized. You can choose how many seconds you wish to skip ahead when you double-tap.


This is one of the best features developed by YouTube. On average, we are exposed to a lot of screen time. This can cause a lot of strain on our eyes. This feature can also help you save your battery while giving you something new and exciting to try. The procedure to use this mode is options> settings>general>dark theme.


Need privacy while streaming your videos? Go incognito. This mode won’t save any of your data. What does this mean? It means YouTube won’t save any of your preferences and show you recommended videos on the genres you watched while being on incognito mode. The procedure to use incognito mode is- profile icon>incognito mode.


Need privacy while streaming your videos? Go incognito. This mode won’t save any of your data. What does this mean? It means YouTube won’t save any of your preferences and show you recommended videos on the genres you watched while being on incognito mode. The procedure to use incognito mode is- profile icon>incognito mode.


YouTube wants to give its users an optimal streaming experience. Therefore it has a lot of options to make your streaming fun and customized to your needs. This option does exactly that.

Do you wish to increase or decrease the speed of any particular video?  It can quickly be done.

You just have to go to options>playback speed> choose the speed from the given options.

You can adjust the speed from 2X to 0.25X.



Was there an important of the video that you wanted to share with someone? Or an amusing one? Most people don’t know this, but you can share the video from a specific time.

To use this function, go to Share icon>tick the start at>select time> copy that URL and paste it on the chat.


Did you know you can stream videos and movies on your laptop as you do on Netflix? There’s a TV version of YouTube that can be accessed on This version is made explicitly for Television. But it can be accessed through the link mentioned above. The best part about YouTube TV is that you can access many free films, which are generally chargeable on the app.


This youtube trick does not work on a mobile device. It works only on a mobile or desktop.  If your press the number 5 on your keyboard, you can skip the video to 50%. You can cut the video by 30 % by pressing the number 3


There are a lot of videos that we like on YouTube that we can’t usually find elsewhere. And we wish at that moment. If only YouTube would let us download the video and keep it with us. Don’t worry, it does. There is a download button that is present in the bar below your video. You can click on it and your video will be saved within the app itself. It remains in the downloaded section for 30 days and can be accessed offline as well. If you have a working internet connection, YouTube will renew these videos on its own and you can have them in your device forever.


Virtual reality called VR gives you an authentic experience. It provides 3D- stimulation to its user. You dont have to download an external app to use this feature. Youtube offers this service. You just need to plug your VR set on the viewing device.

Go to options> Watch in VR.


As the name suggests, if you are a nerd for stats, this feature is just what you need to fulfill your want of nerdy things. You will have to right-click on the video and then click on the stats for nerds to access this feature. This will show you information like connection speed, network activities, buffer health, etc.


You can read the transcript of the whole youtube video provided by every second in the video at which the words are spoken in that video. The transcript may not be accurate, but you will get a complete text of the audio in that video so that whenever you need to know what the person had said in that video, you can read from the transcript.

These were some of the lesser-known features of youtube. Hope they make your

Streaming experience much better.

Now let us know some of the cool new features that youtube plans to introduce in 2021.

Youtube TV in 4K-  although this feature is only available yet in The US. Youtube plans on enhancing it and making it better, and giving the 4K resolution to it.  It will also launch the ability to watch the DVRed programs offline.

Better youtube music recommendations-  Youtube plans on enhancing its services by giving better recommendations based on people’s preferences.

Better safety measures for children- there’s a lot of content that parents dont want their kids to access over youtube. Youtube has a plan to come up with better parental tools to aid the parents.

VR homepage-  Youtube plans on launching a new separate VR homepage, which will improve the function and navigation of this feature.

As if youtube isn’t already incredible, it plans on becoming even more remarkable. By adding these fantastic new features. At this rate, youtube will continue to be the most used video streaming platform while gaining more and more viewers. Hence if you are planning to create youtube channel of your own it is essential that effective youtube marketing strategy is being implemented. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it for you.

Happy streaming!

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