Importance of Mobile marketing when advertising locally to reach your customers

People use Pcs, laptops and computers only at home or at workplaces, so it’s easier to target them on their mobile devices locally. Since people are always on their phones, mobile advertising is the best way to reach consumers to promote local businesses so they can find you easily on the way.

Mobile marketing is significant because people are constantly surrounded by their cell phones, tablets and other smart devices. Customers who are on the go near your business place can be reached using mobile local marketing. Local businesses may draw consumers who are searching for information on the go and make quick decisions because people are still on their phones.

More than a third of smartphone and tablet users already start and finish transactions on their phones or tablets.

The only major factor that distinguishes mobile marketing as a true game-changer is location-based marketing, which is extremely precise in terms of targeting and retargeting. Scan, push notifications, and email updates are all part of this. Local internet searches are popular on mobile devices. Currently, more than 66 percent of mobile ad budgets are for search-based content. Location-enabled advertisements account for more than 10% of all consumption. Click-to-call, near-field communication (NFC), smartphone applications, GPS, and improved shopping cart processes are all the features that enhance mobile usage among customers. Marketers benefit from timely messages, the right meaning, and other advantages in mobile marketing.

The constant migration of Internet users to mobile devices has compelled social media platforms to adapt. Users are more likely to use search and social media applications while they are online on their mobile devices. Mobile advertising has rapidly grown to include all types of rich media and video advertisements.


Here are some of the important reasons for

“Why mobile marketing is important to reach customers when advertising locally”:

  • Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing service that focuses on raising brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.
  • It helps to directly communicate with the target audience on devices like smartphones, and tablets through an SMS, MMS, Emails, social media, or website.
  • The majority of the world’s population has access to mobile devices from which they can conveniently access the internet. Smartphones are used by about 80% of internet users, and the majority of them use them for online shopping.
  • Mobile marketing entails analyzing the target market and customizing advertising campaigns, SMS/MMS marketing for mobile channels, and mobile app marketing.
  • Since mobile devices have a smaller screen than a desktop or laptop, the amount of space available for advertisements is reduced, and the required content is much smaller in size and cost. As a result, when opposed to radio or television advertisements, smartphone advertising is much less expensive.
  • People like to get informed while using their smart devices and advertisements on their phones is the best way to raise awareness about your brand.

According to the research, Local and small businesses in a variety of sectors have registered increased sales as a result of mobile marketing strategies. Mobile marketing is transforming the marketing environment, and companies who keep up with the changes are reaping the rewards.

Different ways to target your audience on mobile devices:

There are a lot of channels through which potential audiences can be targeted on their mobile devices. Some of them are:-

Different ways to target your audience on mobile devices
  1.  SMS – This is a channel through which marketers send short text messages to their potential customers. Apart from being the oldest form of mobile marketing, it is the first of its kind too. Since cell phones came out, sending and receiving text became a popular trend in communication.

Decades passed, and the technology has developed a lot, mobile phones became smartphones and it can do much more than just sending texts. But, SMS marketing remains as the go to digital advertising channel because of obvious reasons.

Short text messages still are the popular mode of communication and the majority user right away read all the messages that they receive. SMS marketing is popular in both large and small businesses because it is economic as compared to other channels.

  1. Emails – Email is the predecessor of SMS marketing, before smart mobile devices marketers use to reach their potential audience via emails. There is much more going into an email marketing campaign than just some text and images. Use of the right subject line, right kind of email display and call to action is necessary in order to get maximum response out of an email marketing campaign. There is subject line testing, A/B testing and more which goes into an email marketing strategy.
  2. Push Notifications – A push notification is the message sent by an app to the customer’s mobile device. Push notifications can be sent to the customers who have installed your mobile app and opted-in to receive messages.

Push notifications come from an app and they are just like text messages. Initially they were just text–and sometimes emojis. These days push notifications let marketers include text as well as multimedia content.

There are many more marketing channels apart from these but they are the most popular channels in mobile marketing.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly common communication devices among people of all ages. Computers and laptops are larger, heavier, more expensive, and less compact. Manufacturers are also responding to consumer demand by developing mobile devices that are quicker, more efficient, and less costly. Because of these advances, marketers now have a golden opportunity to get their marketing campaigns into the hands of their customers, and mobile enables them to reach a much larger audience.

Digital marketing is always changing, and mobile marketing is an important part of that strategy. The move to mobile devices is a trend that will continue to grow, and companies must ensure that they have a well-coordinated mobile marketing strategy in place to reach out to those digital customers.

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